Why Buy Indie Fragrances?

Anyone can walk up to the counter of a department store and buy a fancy bottle of perfume but there are many reasons why you should try an indie fragrance.

Uniqueness- My friends and family know my unique, delicious fragrance. I love to hear, "You smell so good! What perfume is that?" I would not love to hear, "Oh I like that scent, my sister, my neighbor and my co-worker wear that too". 

Affordability- Many indie brands, like Indie Blends are oils which are more concentrated and really go a long way. The aren't diluted with water or alcohol. Their price also doesn't need to support huge marketing campaigns with huge billboards, magazine ads or commercials. 

Community-Supporting small businesses is huge for me! Doing so really gives back to the community and allows so many talented people to share their gifts.