What are Fragrance Notes?


Fragrances are often described with "Notes". It may sound complicated but it's actually pretty interesting to see how your favorite fragrance develops while on your skin.

Top Notes are your first impression of a fragrance. These are the volatile notes which means they evaporate the quickest. These are the notes that first burst onto your skin when you first apply. These first notes are so volatile that disappear within 10-15 minutes after the fragrance is applied. These are the scents that lure you in but will transition to the middle or heart Notes. Citrus, fruits and herbs are common Top Notes. 

Middle or Heart Notes are left behind after the top notes disappear. These notes are not as intense and form the core of the fragrance. They are the dominant theme of the fragrance. Common middle notes are rose, neroli, lavender and yang yang.

Base or Soul Notes are the anchor of the fragrance. These notes bring all the other ingredients together. They are the scent that lingers on the skin and last for hours after applying the fragrance. Common base notes are musk, oakmoss, amber, vanilla, sandalwood and cedarwood.

The perfect combination of the three levels of notes should create a balanced appealing and lingering scent experience.