This is how "Love" was Born

A smell can bring on a flood of memories and emotions. It can effect a person's mood and their performance at school or work. I can remember the musk perfume of my third grade teacher, the cologne of my first love and the smell of each one of my babies. It has always fascinated me that these scents conjure up such strong memories. The smells are as clear as the pictures in my mind of beautiful moments in my life. So as you may imagine, the compliment of someone telling me that I smell good makes me feel amazing!

I've dabbled in the world of fragrance since I was a child. I've mixed the beautiful bottles of my grandmother's perfume to come up with some beautiful and some not-so-beautiful scents. I grew into learning about essential oils and their health benefits. I've played with naturals and synthetics, learning even more about the power of scent.

Over the years I developed a scent that became my signature scent. We all want to have a scent that reflects who we are; a scent that our loved ones know is us. We want that scent that our special someone will breathe in our love and will comfort our children if they are far away with a piece of our clothing. I have also found that this signature scent that I have created is a scent that I have gotten so many compliments on that women started asking me what is was and where can they buy it. Nothing excited me more that to mix a few bottles and share the joy of this fragrance.  This is how "Love" was born.